Thursday, 17 June 2010


This Tooth Ache doesn't hurt. It's nice and you'll feel happy to have it. a/lex/an/dri/a's project, this is how she spells her name, is getting its first single release sometime in August on Father / Daughter Records but you can already enjoy Skin, a contagious track with lots of interesting beats and claps and an overheated organ and most important, her voice, somewhere close to Katie Stelmanies'. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy Mountain Man's cover of her song Holly Father if you happen to see them live, as they regularly perform it. According to her Bandcamp she also has another release ready for September, so keep on checking for other news.
This release is not ready for pre-order or even announced on the label's website yet but we'll have a look to reserve our copy as soon as it appears. It will come with Lazarus as the B side, a track is not ready for listening anywhere yet.

Tooth Ache - Skin.mp3


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