Friday, 4 June 2010


Seahawks are obsessed with nature, with the space and the ocean. You can imagine then that they perform a kind of electronic sci-fi shoegaze psychedelia that, as we all know, is the language of the planets, the sun and the seas. On each side of this picture 7 inch, their second release after the 3" CDR Tender Abyss, not to go further, they've dedicated a track to the sea, High Tides, and one to the space, Astral Winds, trying to capture the sounds of each on these songs, elevating us to float into space to later submerge us into the depth of the waters. And this limited 7 inch comes with a free 7 track CDR with the first 200 copies called Secrets of the Deep where they explore even more into the natural resources.
They also have a 12 inch coming out next week called Keep on Growing / Omega Beach limited to 250 copies that, according to Rough Trade, have two classic Summer tunes.
Here you have a track from the free CDR:

Seahawks - Deep Secrets.mp3


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and who don't like the nature, well except great oil company owners, hunters, people who use fur, and one or two politicians, but well in my case I love the music of this people.

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