Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Gigi is a Canadian superband with lots of members, mainly different vocalists, that play POP music, like this, in capital letters. This project started by Colin Steward as producer / engineer and Nick Krgovich as songwriter wanted to capture the essence of the early 60s productions when big arrangements (Phil Spector, Burt Bacharach...). There's no guitar fuzz or any sign punk ever existed, so don't expect another Best Coast / Vivian Girls act. This is classic sound with details and preciousism but never too opulent, letting the songs talk for themselves. Clean and clear production.
The guest vocalists on the album, previously released by Tomlab, contained the voices of Mirah, Karl Blau or Owen Pallet between others and Calvin Johnson, probably captivated by the beauty of those songs, decided to release The Hundredth Time / Some Second Best as a single for his International Underground never ending and always interesting series (this is already the CXXVIII release!!!). And the cover is amazing.

Gigi - The Hundredth Time.mp3


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