Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Tucson's Fort Lowell Records second release is a ...Music Video? single, a band that has self-released a couple of albums and now have the honor of being part of this new and enthusiastic label managed by James, a guy who puts a lot of passion in what he's doing and that I hope the best of lucks with every release he puts out.
This single consists of two smooth slow jams with the voice of Paul Jenkins backed by both classic instruments (piano, guitars...)and some electronic arrangements.
The artwork, as it also was for FLR first release, is preciously manufactured and designed, and the record is available now here on a limited to 500 edition. The single also comes with a download code, which is always something to thank for.
This label has also planned a split release for October by Wet & Reckless and Tracy Shedd and a still unknown single for December.

...Music Video? - Im Afraid Of Everything.mp3


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