Wednesday, 23 June 2010


The Pearl Harbor sisters just changed their name to Puro Instinct. the reasons are not clear although they mention a 70s band with the same name on their blog, so probably they were asked to change it. And to celebrate the new name, although i think that this new EP will still be out under their previous name, they'll release next month a 12" inch on Gloriette that is already available for download on their Bandcamp. This release also called Puro Instinct contains the two tracks previously available on their 7 inch for Big Love (California Shakedown and Slivers of You) also available on their CDR Wish We Were Here, that also contain a third track here (I've Got Some Happiness (Leland)). The totally new track here, Can't Take You Anywhere, is "Puro" Pearl Harbor as well and you'll have the option to own them all and enjoy them while you wait for their first LP, to be out soon.

Puro Instinct - Ive Got Some Happiness.mp3


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