Saturday, 12 June 2010


Spectrals' third release is another split single (after the one with Fair Ohs) this time with Manchester band Mazes and out on Sex Is Disgusting. They offer a couple of songs each which makes it as if it was two singles for the price of one, which is not a bad deal.
Mazes have been in some compilations / splits so far and they also have a 7 inch single from last year, Bowie Knives, which would be probably sold out by now. They perform a kind of noisy surf/garage/punk in harmony with other current British bands like Male Bonding or Pens.
Now for Spectrals, well, you'll probably know about them by now and, if not, you should. Don't know if the back up band he uses, called Bad Penny as the first album (that is going to be out at some point this year) are now oficial members of Spectrals. Anyway, this young guy from Leeds, has put out some simple but really good songs, with 60s influences but always with an specific sound, kind of vintage and simple Spector that make his songs be quite recognisable from the start.
It's OK (Not To Be OK) and Can't We Please Just Stop This Now, the tracks here, are two short proofs of this, and there's also a new single coming up next month on Slumberland records, so keep on checking for new releases.

Spectrals -Cant We Please Just Stop This Now.mp3


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