Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Lazer Zeppelin is a crazy band from, well, everywhere, settled in Olympia that performs a lo-fi punk-garage-noise country and western with really peculiar vocals and a lot of personality. They released their first LP, American Derivative, on PIAPTK records, a record label that is as crazy as they are. And apart from this, they also put out at the same time a 10 minute song on Lazer Disc, yes, that format from the late 80s that was supposed to be the future and instead was a massive failure releasing only really expensive blockbusters that nobody bought. Well, if you happen to have one, don't throw it yet as you finally will have the option to play something there.
The first time I heard this band some months ago I thought it was maybe a bit too weird for my taste sometimes in some songs but, anyway, I put some songs on a playlist on my I-pod and, after some listenings, they grew up on me being my favourite ones of the playlist. So I'd recommend to give them more than one try as I think this could also happen to you.
In other news, PIAPTK records are releasing a very limited 15 heart shaped one sided singles of bands including them and others such as Wooden Wand, Castanets or Jad Fair. the money they will get from the releases is to pay for the fly of the Golden Boots to go and play at the wedding of the owner of the label. I truly recommend to read the whole thing here and, if you have $100 left order them or download the pack for just $10.

lazer Zeppelin - A Sinking Sand.mp3


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