Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Again from Seattle and put together in the same sack as U.S.F., Alaskas and all the supposedly new Chillwave scene, here we have the first EP of Big Spider's Back (Yair Rubinstein), a guy that performs music with samples, synths, laptop and guitar. Already commented in many blogs around, his music it's more pluridirectional than some other artists he's been compared with and his approach to pop music is more palpable in some of his songs. The fact that he uses vocals in many of his tracks is also a difference from those more ambient based artists.
On this EP, we can see these two variants very segregated. Although on tracks like Again Agent or Spooked the reference to ambient, loop music and cold repetitive sounds takes him close to artists like Fennesz, Boneless or U.S.F., Perfect Machine sounds like a Dan Deacon track that never explodes into multi-beats craziness, Warped drinks from Animal Collective's synth based psychedelia and Don't Make Me Laugh reminds of an up-to-date version of Soft Bulletin's Flaming Lips.
This EP is only available as a download on I-tunes or Amazon or you can buy it as a limited CDR at Circle Into Square. We want it on vinyl!!!!

Big Spider's Back - Perfect Machine.mp3


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