Tuesday, 9 February 2010


This Pearl Harbor EP has been out for a while and after all the Internet fuzz thanks in part to the fact that it was released by the every time more famous and relevant Mexican Summer. Anything they release, although they have extremely high prices, even more if you live in the UK, is sold out within days. That's the case of this four songs EP and this and also the fact that you could see information all around the web, made me think it was not worth to make a post about these two blonde sisters. But after seeing you can still get some copies on Rough Trade (although for £18) made me want to inform you you can still get a copy if you haven't yet. The songs of these two sisters, being one just 15 years old, are silky pop tracks with spacey guitars, voices and synths, nothing particularly new but good songs like Sunburn and specially Luv Goon, that sounds like an instrumental lost The Cure demo from 1980 with their voices on top, makes it worth enough to get this EP, the self-released CDR Wish We Were Here, and keep track of future 7 inches for Big Love, Gloriette and PPM and a 12" for Art Fag.

Pearl Harbor - Luv Goon.mp3


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