Thursday, 25 February 2010


Alesandre Jong is Obsidian Pond, a one-man-project from Manchester who just released a 3" CDR on Deathbomb Arc Records. This is all the information you can basically find on the net about it. And some posts talking about the magic of Sundog Sinners, his most commented track, thanks in part to the kaleidoscopic video you can watch on his Myspace site. This track, although follows the characteristic hypnotic loop repetitive sounds of all his tracks is particularly warmer thanks to a Calipso-tropical sample that forms the chore of the track. But if you check his other tracks everything gets chillier and slowed down like if you were in a K-hole. Most of the songs are just based in a short loop repeated over and over; they could last 10 seconds or 10 minutes and it wouldn't be any drastic change. Some of them are heavier in sound like Flooded With Light or chillwave ambient floating loops like Swamp but probably Sundog Sinners is his freshest track mixing cold and warm like a Carnival in Siberia.

Obsidian Pond - Sundog Sinners.mp3


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