Friday, 5 February 2010


I've been lately posting about many free EPs available for download on-line. Free is great, everybody loves free. Free is as well a new way of promotion on-line. The saturation of the market since new technologies made possible for everybody without technology / music background become a musician and the difficulty of reaching to people caused by this saturation has made artists try to reach new ways to get their music out for people. The music industry crisis caused mainly by all the different ways of getting free music on-line, legally and illegally, (and the economic crisis in general) has also helped for this situation to happen.
Anyway it's great that new artists have the possibility of introducing themselves this way. The problem would start when sometimes is the only way they have to get known and is not a possibility but the only option. But when artists who are already known give stuff for free on their blogs or websites I want to think that they do it because they feel the necessity of sharing their music with as much people as they can reach.
This could be the case of Montag, an electronic pop Frech Canadian artist who is already known for many releases during the noughties and that a month ago uploaded a new free EP of great cover versions on his website. Low, Breeders, Bronski Beat, P.M. Dawn and Unrest are the artists covered and transformed into songs that would fit perfectly on the Morr Records or Darla back catalogue. You can get it at:

or buy it on CD or Tape if you prefer. No vinyl again, sorry...

Montag - Sunflower.mp3


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