Thursday, 18 February 2010


Zola Jesus has been keeping herself busy for the last couple of years. After the release of two LPs, an EP and a couple of singles, touring with the help of her cousin Dead Luke and forming part of Former Ghosts (where Xiu Xiu's Jamie Steward also collaborates) she's coming back with a new 6 tracks EP to be out the 6th of March on Sacred Bones. The EP is not available for pre-order yet and there's no information on the name of the tracks but she's sent one of the tracks to be included called Night to a couple of blogs and I have to say it's my favourite ZJ track yet. Although is her most accessible track so far as the fuzz, noises and lo-fi sound have mainly disappeared, the main characteristics and influences are still there. The track is a dense and mysterious song where she strengthens her voice and stops hiding it behind all the electronic noises she normally uses and has never sound as good. The people who have heard the whole EP says it's the closest she's been to sound Hi-Fi but the EP is still a dense exercise full of pounding drums, strings and choral sounds. And it has one of the best covers I've seen lately. Can't wait to hear it.

Zola Jesus - Night.mp3


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