Thursday, 18 February 2010


I blogged about Veronica Falls and the main song on this single back in September last year so when they finally released it as a single three weeks ago I didn't think I had to post about it again. What has changed? Well, apart from releasing it on Captured Tracks, the coolest label on earth, with the great cover of Starry Eyes on the B side they are going to re-released it on a British label, Trouble Records, in a couple of weeks with a new cover art and a new B side, the still unheard (if you haven't seen them live) Stephen. And this is not strange taking into account they are from London and getting a lot of coverage in the media here, even the evil NME has put them on their bands to watch and mentioned them in many occasions. Whats more, when they received 70 copies of this single at Rough Trade they sold out in a couple of days!!! If you missed it though, you can still get a copy online in many places or just wait for the new version of the single to come out. And don't miss them live in one of the many dates they are performing in London, nest Tuesday opening for Dum Dum Girls at White Heat, for example.

Veronica Falls - Found Love in a Graveyard.mp3


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