Saturday, 20 February 2010


Emily Reo is a girl from Orlando who plays organ keys, vibe keys, guitars, wooden flutes etc etc, floor tom, fake drums and kitchen utensils according to her Myspace. I'll just add that is one of those acts that thinks that less is more, that simplicity is the way to go and you don't need superfluous arrangements if you can communicate what you want with your voice, two organ keys and a drumstick. Her songs are closer to melancholy than sadness and her sound could remind you of a lo-fi Beach House although even more minimal. She's just released her first compilation of songs via A Dracula Records called Minha Gathinha that you can get either on tape or CDr (again not vinyl...) and you can listen to covers of Beach House, St Vincent and Built To Spill on her Myspace.

Emily Reo - Metal On Your Skin.mp3


sean orr said...

love this. how do i email you something?

Then God Is 7 said...

Hi! Thanks. I just added my email address for contact on the About Me section on the right column.

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