Thursday, 18 February 2010


If you've been following this blog for a while you could probably be surprised about my inclusion of this 10" EP on here. Don't worry, I am too. Sometimes, you don't know why, what in theory is supposed to have all the elements for you to massively detest one track works pretty well when they are combined together and you don't know why it drags you into it like glue or caramel and you cannot stop listening to it. It happened two years ago with T2's Heartbroken, a song I hated the first time I heard but grew on me little by little in an evil way and actually Kingdom's song reminds me very much of that track.
So the evil forces took me to listen to Kingdom's first release as it was out on Acephale Records, home of CFCF, Salem or Memory Tapes and my surprise was that this track combines the worst elements of Trance sytnths and crescendos, UK Garage bass lines and voice tricks and cheesy vocals and the mix, although in theory sounds terrible, works amazingly well, believe me or not. The limited to 500 10" vinyl comes with You as the B side, another trance track that is too much for me and makes me realise that maybe I totally lost it if I like Mind Reader.

Kingdom (feat.Shyvonne) - Mind Reader.mp3


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