Thursday, 11 February 2010


Here we have a band that strangely has not exploded into a more mainstream success although has the same parameters as other bands that have cross that frontier from mostly followed by a small group of people to perform in front of large groups, festivals and sold an important amount of records.
Their songs are post Arcade Fire and post Sufjan Stevens, which I mean, they share the ability of transforming simple songs into hymns and mass chants, sometimes coming from acoustic folk songs but always incorporating festive arrangements, lots of instruments, from pianos to xylophones, changes of tempo and lots of wah wah wahs and la la las.
The thing is that the release of their 5 songs EP last year didn't awaken a lot of interest or cause any fuzz and the reasons could be many: It's still difficult to get to a lot of people without an LP, they are from Australia and their music would have been much more popular four years ago when Hi-Fi hymn songs was the thing and before Lo-Fi was back. Anyway, their songs, and in particular Blood, are worth a listen.

The Middle East - Blood.mp3


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