Tuesday, 9 February 2010


This split single on Tough Love Records to be released the 22nd of March (one month in advance if you buy it online) contains two songs by two British bands very talked about last year: Fair Ohs and Spectrals. While Fair Ohs have been linked with other British bands like Pens, Male Bonding or Graffitti Island, Spectrals has always been more associated to American bands thanks to his connection with Captured Tracks whom he released his first single with and is going to put his first album out at some point this year.
Fair Ohs music, as described by themselves on their Myspace page, is Paul Simon meets Punk, which probably they want it to mean punk-rock music with Afrobeat influences as seen and performed by some other contemporaries these days.
Spectrals, on his side, hands in two more tracks of delicious 60s fuzz pop with views to VU and, although not particularly original, keeps on promising to be one of the best things that can happen to British music this year thanks to the his effective and simple melodies.

Spectrals - Keep Your Magic Out Of My House.mp3


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