Friday, 5 February 2010


After some instrumental tracks in their EP New Flowers and in a Kitsune compilation Tanlines went into incorporating lyrics on their split single with Salem and they carry on doing it on their new EP to be released on March on True Panther Sounds. This is not the only new thing; at least on the main track on the EP, Real Life, already available as a download single with two remixes by Memory Tapes and Basic Needs, they are trying new sounds. Together with their trademark synths they sound more African than before (even they have a strange African accent when they sing, really...). The other track available for listening at their Myspace, Three Trees, is classic Tanlines, an instrumental track that could have perfectly fit with any of their previous stuff. And the EP will be completed with four more tracks including a collaboration with Glasser (whom they have remixed before) I'm pretty curious to listen. You'll wish it was already summer when listening to this.

Tanlines - Real Life.mp3


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