Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Pat Grossi, aka Active Child, has another EP coming out in May, this time for Merok and this time a 10". It will contain 6 tracks, four of them previously released on his first single for Transparent and his tape for Mirror Universe Tapes but two new: I'm In Your Church At Night and Weight Of The World. For the people who doesn't do tapes or were not fast enough to get it (now it's sold out) it's great news, as well if you want more or prefer it on vinyl.
For the people who is new to Active Child, he started being in everybody's mouths after the release of his first single She Was A Vision, also included in this EP and the tape, with his layers of synths and atmospheric voice.
The record will come out on time for his first ever European tour, most of the dates in the UK and Germany though out May. I've seen some videos from his Austin preformances and sounds great, so looking forward to seeing it.

Active Child - Wilderness.mp3


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