Thursday, 22 April 2010


I have to start this post saying that this track's been released in one of my personal favourite labels lately, La Station Radar, many times blogged about here thanks to people like Ela Orleans, Pink Priest, Dirty Beaches or Jeans Wilder. The fact that Daniel Klag was who approached me with this release instead of me finding out about was a good surprise. I've been quite busy lately in my pay job and didn't have much time to check online about new stuff so the fact that people approach me from time to time to let me know about their music it's always a pleasure. And Daniel Klag's music it's not the type of music many blogs will talk about so, as I find it extremely beautiful, I thought it was a duty to do it myself.
This track, made entirely of guitar sounds, individual notes or chords, put together into a sampler or computer, and then cut up, is a 17 minutes 2 seconds long droney ambient Odyssey, calm and dreamy, looped and quiet, warm and cold, sometimes close to silence and ideal to listen to with your headphones.
The track is out now on a beautifully packaged, as they always do, 50 copies only 3" CDR that only costs 4€. You can get it here. He's also going to release some stuff on the Mille Plateaux label, as well as Loveless Music Group's imprint "Self Storage Recordings".

You can also get the track here.


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