Sunday, 25 April 2010


The Letter Box Project is the name behind the musical project of Tyler Bates, a guy from Murfreesboro/Nashville, Tennessee, with classical music background, who started writing contemporary music just a year ago. Maybe that's the reason why, in only one year, he's achieved a quite complex and professional level of composition, and he already has a huge number of songs, some of them distributed between his two releases so far, a first album called Memory Static and a tour EP called Lullabies For Those Who Cannot Sleep that you can get here.
His music, close to the work of other current artist often tagged as Chillwave, uses Vocals, Synths, Guitars, Piano, Computer and Vocoder. He's currently working in his second album, still untitled, but for the way some songs that will be into it sound, like Temporary Home, it looks like he's taking a more pop based direction.
Definitely, somebody to look from close.

The Letter Box Project - Temporary Home.mp3


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