Friday, 2 April 2010


Django Django are back with their second single. I posted about them when their released their first one, the rhythmic and Beta Band reminder Storm / Love's Dart and, although I think you will probably like this as much, it's a bit different from what you could expect. The basics are there but this single is kind of more psychedelic and even has surf style guitars, the ones you can listen to in Tarantino's films and make you dance like crazy moving hips and arms. It also looks like they have grown in confidence and are exploring new territories, something you can even see more on the b side, the instrumental Skies Over Cairo, a synth based ethnic psycho tune that makes you think of a science fiction film that could be based in Egypt.
Out of any style or scene currently undergoing in the UK or the world Django Django promise to be a band to watch from close. It's out since Monday on Bonjour Branch

Django Django - Wor.mp3


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