Sunday, 4 April 2010


This is the second release of ethereal and mysterious band Glasser. Many of you discovered them with their first release thanks to the fact it was put out on True Panther Sounds, a label that became quite popular last year after releasing the Girls album and singles and some others for the fact they were included in the must have download only compilation Selected & Collected: An eMusic Sellects Compilation with the main track on that 12": Apply. That track, joined as well with several remixes also included there, mixed psychedelia with percussions and underwater sounds. the people at the label described her music as Kate Bush + Arthur Russell and I would add she's close to the sound of High Places or even slightly to Gang Gang Dance minus electronica.
Her new track Tremmel, included in the 12" out on Young Turks, is backed by interesting remixes by The XX's James or Romatic Three, following the same type of format she used for her first release. The people at True Panther Sounds announced last month her first Lp is following soon and she's currently touring backed by Fever Ray's producers Van Rivers and The Subliminal Kid and she sometimes performs with a magnificent instrument she invented herself, a kind of sci-fi organ that needs two people to perform it.

Glasser - Tremel.mp3


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