Friday, 30 April 2010


There's something contradictory about being a 7" vinyl freak. I love it when they come full of songs. One of my favourite singles of the year so far is Eternal Summer's Seasons EP, a 7" that came with 5 fabulous songs. And here we have another of my most appreciated acquisitions. Sea Monster's Two Birds EP comes with 5 songs on the vinyl and an instant downloadable zip when you buy it on-line for these 5 songs and an extra 6 songs of an only download EP, most of it being remixes of tracks from the EP, called These Bones. All this wouldn't matter so much if the songs were not as good as these songs, loving everyone of each.
If there's one band everybody would like to see a reunion of is Neutral Milk Hotel. That, or that Jeff Magnum would definitely leave his lethargic cave and put out a record. So well, you are not going to miss it that much when you listen to Seamonster's Two Birds. This is the record everybody would love Jeff Magnum to do. Without being a NMH rip off, Seamonster's vocals and style reminds that of Jeff but impregnates his own personality in the compositions and arrangement, being not lo-fi or hi-fi but somewhere in between, with mild use of electronics and manipulation of sounds without falling in the folktronica sack. The EP, from the beautiful New England intro, the upbeat and catchy Oh Appalachia, the fuzzy psycho-ballad Bearsuit, the delicate The Philosophy of Andy Warhol to the Magnetic Fields-like Analee, is varied, generous and perfect. One I (and probably you) will have on repeat for ages.
And don't forget the extra EP These Bones, with amazing remixes from Visions of Trees or Roman Ruins and a great cover from Bjorn Kleinhenz.
Get the whole pack here or here

Seamonster - Oh Appalachia.mp3


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