Wednesday, 28 April 2010


I've had the song Angel-headed since January but always forgot to blog about this time when I was in front of my laptop. To my surprise, today, when I wanted to post about them I realise that, since then, they've changed the name of the band from Nisperos to Mainland Fever, although they still have the same song to stream on their myspace site, now under this new name. Not sure about the reasons about this change, I quite liked the name Nisperos (medlars in Spanish) being one of my favourite fruits. Nevertheless, the tunes are still there and a name is just a name.
Mainland Fever then, are a four member band from New York with a love for classic soul and pop melodies and melancholic tunes. And the vocals filter the nostalgia transmitted in the music and lyrics in a majestic way.

Mainland Fever - Angel-headed.mp3


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