Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I suppose you already found out about Gorilla vs Bear's new record label Forest Family Records, mainly thanks to the success of Cults, who after being one of the most commented bands in the Blogosphere, released a limited version of their previously free-download-only single Go Outside that later became their first (and already sold out) reference. Gorilla vs Bear is one of the most followed blogs online and has since its creation been a point of reference to discover new bands and find out about what's going on, so the creation of their own label was inevitable and really good news.

So, as of now, they have planned their second 7" release, soon to be available on pre-sale, this time by Lafayette, Colorado's duo Gauntlet Hair. I Was Thinking / Our Scenery will be out late May / Early June and they are also currently working on their first album to be out anytime this year.
I Was Thinking is a reverb loud pop song that sounds of Summer without being particularly warm and, although it doesn't have a clear classic structure, is very catchy.
Keep on checking the website for its release as it will definitely disappear in days.

Gauntlet Hair - I Was Thinking.mp3


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