Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Summer Camp's Ghost Train single is finally out after being one of the most talk about songs of last year (it even made it to the best songs of the year list of GvsB). Courtesy of the Moshi Moshi's singles club we finally have it on 7" vinyl with the B side Montgomery Avenue 1984. After some doubts if they were seven members or just two and if they were actually from Sweden (rumours they loved to spread) I can say they are just two, Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley, and they are actually from London, which I'm happy to announce as there have not been many London bands on this blog lately.
They just made their first show last week 9the band has actually only existed for 6 months) but they already have a bunch of gigs schedule for the next months, including some Summer festivals.
The song is perfect pop, delightful and optimistic, with an infectious chorus. Really retro and really modern at the same time. Something like the British Cults.

Summer Camp - Ghost Train.mp3


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