Thursday, 22 April 2010


And, as promised some posts below, here we have yet another side-project coming from Vivian Girls. This time Katy join forces with Cat Power collaborator Gregg Foreman to form a new band called All Saints Day. And the result couldn't be more far from what they do with their full time bands. The first song to appear on the web, It'll Come Around, is somewhere between Yo La Tengo and JAMC, classic indie-pop with lots of shoegaze feedback and floating vocals and spacey synthesisers. Not more information is provided yet about if we'll see a release anytime soon, if it's going to be a single or an album or if it's going to appear on Vivian Girls' label Wild World Records. We'll just have to wait for more news to come and keep on checking their websites.

All Saints Day - Itll Come Around.mp3

UPDATE - The single will come out on June on Art Fag Recordings with the B side Only Time Will Tell. You can see the cover now on top of the post. Not available for pre-order yet on 9th of May.


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