Thursday, 29 April 2010


Tommy Davidson, a.k.a. Dream Cop, comes from Blacksburg, the same hometown as Wild Nothing. There must be something in the air around that town that is making everybody listen to old shoegaze British music all day long and then, become multi-instrumentalist and create songs strongly influenced by all those bands without being a copy of one in particular or even taking advantage of newer technologies in order to give them a more contemporary feeling.
He's already been mentioned in many blogs and websites and still has not a released planned so far, apart from the possibility of putting a song out in a compilation for Output Noise Records next Summer.
Marooned is a super powered upbeat song with a manic distorted drum beat and lots of feedback that takes you back to dancing crazily in your room circa 1990 while the Beach Boys inspired Beach City / Carol I Know is more loopy and spacey like abducted by the spirit of Panda Bear. They don't actually sound out of the same person which is probably good.

Dream Cop - Marooned.mp3


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