Sunday, 11 April 2010


Vivian Girls have a new single out and either they read the reviews about their records or they actually are becoming, little by little, more influenced by old 50s / 60s girl bands, even more obviously than anything they've done before. In this single, out on their own record label Wild World Records, some of the punk fury fuzz they usually filter their songs with have disappeared and they even sound totally retro. The A side, My Love Will Follow Me could easily be a cover, although is not, and sounds familiar after a couple of listenings. The B side, a cover of the great Chantels song He's Gone, respects the original. You can get in here or in many specialised record shops.
The Vivian Girls are working really hard these days with their band constantly on tour, many releases and new parallel projects like the previously reviewed here The Babies and new project All Saints Day that will release their first single in some weeks and expect me to post about it in days.

Vivian Gils My Love Will Follow Me.mp3


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