Friday, 23 April 2010


Emily Reo's tape Minha Gatinha and her other tracks have been on repeat here in my house. I absolutely love her music and think her voice and minimal compositions are really beautiful. Since I last posted about her here, she's been busy preparing a new tape EP called Witch MTN that is going to be out on the 24 of May on Breakfast of Champs, a small label that's previously put out stuff by Cloud Nothings or Truman Peyote. Not sure about the number of songs or final track list but it will definitely include the song you can download below.

In other news, she also has a new song in the compilation WGWB & Friends Volume Two (WGWB stands for White Guys With Beards). The compilation is free to download here but you can also get a copy of the limited to 100 tapes or even an exclusive and personalised CDR. The compilation includes new and exclusive tracks from the likes of The Letter Box Project, Memoryhouse, Gobble Gobble or Golden Girls, a total of 20 tracks, and the money made from the physical copies will go to help sponsor future releases of Wonder Beard Tapes, so it's really a good cause.

Emily Reo will soon start touring the Northeast USA, so if you live around there you'll be lucky if you can see her.

Emily Reo - Blue Canoe.mp3


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