Sunday, 2 May 2010


I'll start this post saying that Hear Hums are a trio. I just think it's important to know this in advance because these days are many one-person-projects that sound like a band thanks to laptops, garageband and sample technology. And at first listen, Hear Hums could be one of these. And actually, the first album called Notions Shift at Tryptamine Bay was conceived like this, when the band was Mitchell Myers' solo project but not long after was joined by Marcos Gasc & Kenzie Cooke to help him perform live, changing the songs to a more organic sound than what they have on record and incorporating visuals to help creating a multimedia experience. Their music sounds like experimental (pop) music with a love for percussion, loops and atmospheres. They will soon start a tour playing with Emily Reo and Awareness and they are currently preparing a new album to come out anytime this fall called Psyche Cycles and you can already hear a song here.

Hear Hums - Change.mp3


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