Saturday, 8 May 2010


You may or may not know Alex Bleeker from Real Estate but you know Real Estate for sure by now. He's also from Alex Bleeker and the Freaks who had a record out earlier this year on Underwater Peoples. So now he has a solo single without any other Freak, just by himself. Three songs out on Group Tightener, a small and quite new label who got into fame for releasing Best Coast's Make You Mine as their first reference. And the three songs are quite sweet and simple, with a hint of classic folk and a hint of modern folk. Three simple songs you can play on repeat or after listening to the album, as a perfect companion. I actually kind of prefer his solo work than Real Estate who I didn't particularly enjoy when I saw them live for the first time but who I'll give a new opportunity when I see them playing together with Ganglians in a couple of weeks.

Alex Bleeker - These Days.mp3


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I have to re-listen his music to know if he got better because it is quite common that there are musicians that they suck after they left their older bands.

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