Thursday, 20 May 2010


Dirty Beaches has us used to his incredibly lo-fi sounds that his two upcoming 7 inch releases sound extremely hi-fi in comparison. I discovered him not long ago, with the release of the Night People C22 Tape and had it on repeat, completely hypnotised with his blend of styles, from blues to rockabilly, cave rock and crooner music, performed and filtered through repetitive loops that sound like a background soundtrack he uses to sing over them.
Golden Desert Sun is as hypnotic and cinematographic as the stuff on that tape, bluesy, dark and repetitive. It's out on Italian Beach Babes on Monday.

Dirty Beaches - Golden Desert Sun.mp3

True Blue is not a cover of the Madonna song although it travels through time to those 50s and 60s tracks she wanted to recreate with that song, to those Ronettes and Roy Orbison ballads that sounded familiar from the first listening. He's more crooner than ever before and the song escapes from the darkness he usually chooses but keeping the mystery he surrounds with everything he does.It's out next month on Zoo Music.


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