Wednesday, 19 May 2010


BrotherTiger is John Jagos from Athens, Ohio, playing synths in connected to his laptop and filtering voices and layers on top of those synths. Vision Tunnels is his first EP available here, only on CD for now. We'll hope it would get a vinyl release anytime, let's see. The four songs on the EP, that you can listen to on his Myspace, go from the Chillwave sounds of the title track Vision Tunnels (close to the sounds of Washed Out or Toro y Moi) or the slightly danceable Feel to the dreamy Summer House and the Stone-Roses-meet-Casiotone-for-the-Painfully-Alone You're Afraid.
After playing in a band he realised, as many these days, that technology gives you the opportunity of doing whatever you want by yourself, so he decided go solo with his own project, formerly known as Mono-Tech. Hear one of the tracks here.

BrotherTiger - Youre Afraid.mp3


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure his last name is Jagos, not Lagos. Saw it on his myspace.

Then God Is 7 said...

Thanks. Corrected it

Anonymous said...

generic chillwave crap

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