Thursday, 6 May 2010


Ty Segall's discography is impossible to follow. In two years performing as a solo artist and collaborating in many other bands as well, he's put out many records, tapes and singles in remote labels such as Wizard Mountain, True Panther Sounds or Goner Records, maybe this last being the more constant and the one where this single is released. He probably puts out everything he records, performs / creates constantly or has more hours a day than I do.
His garage / glam rock is nothing new but really exciting, in the key of Thee Oh Sees or The Stooges (the old ones, before Iggy had a clone puppet made and started advertising insurance; myths keep on falling apart...).
His last single, or maybe he's put out another one while I'm writing this, is Caesar / Bullet Proof Nothing, two of his best tracks yet. Caesar even has a kind of jazzy / bluesy ending and both tracks are up the 3 minutes, which is not normal for him and are quite professionally recorded for what is worth.

Ty Segall - Caesar.mp3


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