Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Transparent did it again. Always aware of what is going on out there, their next release is the second single from one-man-band Psychobuildings from who I reviewed his first single Birds of Prey not long ago. Some friends of mine had the opportunity of seeing him live in Brooklyn last month and were as amazed by his moves and performance as they were by his songs.
The new single follows the same patterns and style as the first one (strong Robert Smith influence although more kaleidoscopic and with lots of own personality) although it's kind of a bit more funky, both songs closer to Birds of Prey's B side Paradise.
As habitual, as well, it's a limited edition of 300 that you can get through Pure Grove in the UK and Leftist Nautical Antiques in the US, although I've recently seen that Rough Trade is getting some copies of the Transparent releases as well.

Psychobuildings - Portrait.mp3


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