Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Los Amparito is a little place well known in the centre of Guadalajara, Mexico, where you are supposed to get the best sandwitches in town. Appart from this, is the project of Carlos Pensina, also a member of Pepepe, who plays a kind of music that has strong influences of Animal Collective and Panda Bear (yes, I know, another one). He even remixes two of their most famous tracks that you can listen on his Myspace. Up to here his proposal might not seem fresh or new as many are influenced by them these days but he takes these influences a step further when he mixes them with traditional Mexican music making this project original on his own.
He's even going to play the Sonar Festival this year and has a UK appearance planned for July in a still unknown venue.

Los Amparito - Por Medio de la Lectura.mp3


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