Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Pure Ecstasy have been increasingly getting more coverage through their releases. After a self-released 7 inch called Future Nostalgia and another 7 inch called Easy, which was commented everywhere thanks to its Guided By Voices-like tune, they've been getting a lot of attention, interviews and followers. They record their songs live, probably in just one take and with not many recourses. They sound pretty lo-fi but I can't imagine their sound being more professional; it would probably damage the final results. The guitar lines on the songs are spacey and full of fuzz, sometimes it even seems they are going to overtake the song completely and destroy it, having more energy and power than what the amps can take, making them suffer if they aren't completely damaged by now. And the songs tend to be melancholic and slow and dragging.
So well, they have not one but two new releases. The first one, a new single out last month on the always interesting Acephale Records, home of Salem, Memory Tapes and CFCF. Voices / Alexandria doesn't offer anything new but takes their catalogue even further, being two of their best tunes yet.

And they will soon have a split single with Sleep Over, another band from Austin that can scare you with as Salem did the first time you heard them. And it's out on Light Lodge.

Pure Ecstasy - Dream Over.mp3


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