Monday, 10 May 2010


It's always exciting to talk about the first release of a band and even more if it's the first release of a new label as well. Hind Ear is a four member band from Brighton with a promising future. They mix organic and electronic sounds, guitars, voices, drums and beats twisting the structure of the songs that can sound quite experimental at the beginning but have a background pop feeling. They play with tropical sounds but putting them into a complete different context like in the main tack of this single, Coconut, or other songs like the instrumental Pop Hat. Although their songs are not meant to be heard in a club they have a minimal dance feeling, specially Origami, the B side of this single. I can predict they could have some interesting remixes in the future.
The two songs on this single were mixed by David Edwards of Minotaur Shock in January 2010. The single is going to be out on limited 7" vinyl on the 24th of May on new label Nouns that we are going to follow closely expecting other interesting releases.

Hind Ear - Coconut.mp3


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