Thursday, 20 May 2010


He said it long ago, before the release of his first proper single, Blessa, and album, Causers of This: this year would see the publication of two completely different albums by Toro y Moi, his two different faces. We already saw his dreamy electronic one, the one that uses layers of samples and ethereal arrangements. Now we are ready for the conventional pop one, meaning for conventional the use of traditional instruments, and meaning for traditional guitar, bass, piano and drums.
His first single for his yet untitled new album is called Leave Everywhere and will be out on Carpark Records on July 19 in the UK, just on time for his re-scheduled European tour. His new song is as far from his previous material that you would hardly recognise it's him if you didn't check the cover.
It seems as if Chaz organised his releases according to the seasons, leaving his chillwave stuff for winter and giving us shinny pop for Summer. And we will want Toro y Moi every season for now on.

Toro y Moi - Leave Everywhere.mp3


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