Friday, 28 May 2010


Vondelpark are a mysterious band with no Myspace, website, or information at all on-line. So, apart from the only song available and reviewed on some blogs, we don't have any information about members, future releases or anything. They take the name of a park in Holland, they talk about San Diego in their first song called California Analog Dream and they are from London, to add a bit more of mystery to it all.
The song that's guilty of my attention to make this post sounds like it could be remixed by The XBoldX, with those dubstep-like beats and voice samples and the minimal guitar chords, but the voice in here is quite filtered and sounds like if he was busy dancing while recording the song, singing whatever was on his mind, improvising everything. The whole thing is quite contagious and is going to keep me checking their name on-line while waiting for more news.

California Analog Dream.mp3


Anonymous said... its these under a new name

no mystery

Anonymous said...

it's a broken link..? lion club broke up in 2008 i thought? xx

Anonymous said...

end of 2009 summer. they now are making vondelpark - own recordings and going for a more 2 step mellow beats. and its not a broken link xxx

Anonymous said...

i dont quite understand the problem? haha.. this music is amazing, xx

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