Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Let's start saying that Chicago duo Misiiko & Kuhmoo don't have the easiest name to remember. It took me three or four times to check the name in order to get it right in hear. Taking into account that the two songs they have on their Myspace are called DTUJJJ and LULL will not help them to make it into the general public minds easily. As for their music, after seeing their name, I thought it would be quite dark, abstract and difficult to digest but, to my surprise, although it's technically experimental, is also really sweet, colourful and quite optimistic and easy to listen. Kind of a not chilly at all chillwave, they even manage not to annoy when using auto-tuned effects for the voices that actually work really good on the songs, and all the combination of strange sounds, at the end, make the songs unusually accessible.
They soon will have an EP on Orchid Tapes, home of Foxes in Fiction.

Misiiko & Kuhmoo - DTUJJJJ.mp3


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