Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Reading the influences on a band's Myspace is always a point to decide if you can like a band and what to expect before listening to their music. When reading the influences of Shimmering Stars you find Everly Brothers, Del Shannon, anti-socialness, Bo Diddley and anxiety issues. There's a bit of this bands to the Shimmering Stars' music, a bit of 50s and 60s pop, its vocal arrangement and the classic and universal melodies of that period, but there's also a lot of contemporary links to their music as well, as it looks like many musicians are looking all the way back in order to adapt those old ways into new territories (let's say Grizzly Bear, Idiot Glee, The Beets, Best Coast...). No news at all if they have any release planned anytime soon but, meanwhile, we can enjoy their songs online, like Sabians, a beautiful ballad that sounds as if it was meant to be performed inside a big room full of echo.

Simmering Stars - Sabians.mp3


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