Friday, 28 May 2010


Girls Names have all the ingredients for being one of the best bands to come out this year. You Should Now by Now, their second 12 EP after the great 4 songs EP on Captured Tracks earlier this year, was sold out on the Tough Love Records website before it was even release, not only the first edition but also the second. I got my copy today thanks to the fact Pure Groove has some copies at their shop (and also on-line) so if you are reading this and still didn't get your copy, do it now before you regret it. The EP is as good as their first one but this time, instead of 4 songs, there are 8, which means you have 4 more reasons to get it. I would say these songs were recorded before the ones on that EP as the sound is slightly more simple and less produced, or they just recorded these songs live. Anyway, they say at the credits they were recorded on August last year, so it's been nearly a whole year for these songs to come out to the light.
If you haven't heard from them yet, Girls Names are from Belfast and they are a trio who play simple and direct songs with a hint of Beat Happening (those drums and guitars make me sing Hot Chocolate Boy over the top more than once), Crystal Stilts, and C86 all over again. They will be performing at the Tough Love Records 5th anniversary party in July in Dalston so hope to see you all there. Here you can hear one of the two songs that it's on both EPs, although I would say it's in a primitive and more skeletal version here, and that should be in every single thing they put out anyway.

Girls Names - Dont Let Me In.mp3


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