Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Attached Hands is an experimental duo from, as they say, the city built by mickey mouse and boy bands. They use all kind of electronic and analog instruments / devices in order to create their music, some of them even homemade and they use all types of images and projections when they perform live. They've just released a tapesingle on the label Post-Records, home of some releases by Watch Me Disappear or Panda, No Panda. They also have a song in their Fucking Friends Forever compilation and they'll soon release a split single together with Truman Peyote.
Their music goes from the quite noisy Caja De Santos to the ambient and more pleasant sounds of Shape/Mode, the track in the compilation that also have a video you can watch here.
They will also perform at the TotalBummer festival if you are lucky enough to be around Gainesville, Florida between March 26-28, with the likes of Jakuzzi Boys, Truman Peyote, Woven Bones, Run DMT, Emily Reo, MillionYoung or AttachedHands themselves.
And as we wait for their first release on vinyl, you can get the tape here or listen to one of its tracks after the jump.

AttachedHands - Versatility of Movement.mp3


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