Thursday, 11 March 2010


Transparent Records (and blog) is always a must to check. They've already released limited 7" from Washed Out, Small Black, The Smith Westerns or Active Child to name a few. They have an immaculate taste and eye for whatever they publish or even talk about on their blog. And soon we have new releases to come, and the first one is the single debut, after a sold out and promising tape called Sweater Kids on Mirror Universe, from Weed Diamond, a band managed by Tim J Perry with help from other four members who are from Denver. They've been followed by a lot of people for a while and this release will probably get them more. with a slightly cleaner sound that the recordings from the tape, Snowmelt and Oklahoma are jumping garage tracks in the key of The Smith Westerns or Christmas Island. You can get them on March 29th from Pure Grove and soon in the USA through Leftist Nautical Antiques. Limited to 300.

Weed Diamond - Snowmelt.mp3

In other news, the people from Half Machine Records are going to release a new song from them in the split with Ancient Crux from California that also have some pretty amazing stuff out and will soon have another split with Norse Horse on La Station Radar.

Ancient Crux - In Teen Dreams.mp3


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