Tuesday, 2 March 2010


It's incredible how the fame of Best Coast has increased in just a few months. She released this 7" on PPM at the beginning of last month and, although it was an edition of 1000, it's been already sold out for a couple of weeks, not only on the distributor website, but in most of the places you were able to get it. And I say most of the places because, as I sadly forgot to buy it then, I was crazily trying everywhere online but finally managed, after one hour, to get my copy here. Anyway, if by the moment you are reading this post you want to get your copy on this link and it's sold out, they said at PPM that a second release it's coming in a couple of weeks so hurry up as they say it's going to be the last one.
And what about the songs on this single? Three songs: the previously available on Myspace Something in the Way and two new tracks, Wish He Was You and The Road. The three tracks are on the key of what you could here on the Make You Mine single, Lo-Fi surf-60s-pop and it came on editions of transparent, blue or black vinyl.
And if you didn't get the Art Fag single on time, you can get it now as a repressed in orange it's been made and it's available on many places, including Pure Groove in the UK.

Best Coast - Something In The Way.mp3


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