Monday, 15 March 2010


Today is Monday. Monday used to be a bad day until Beko started putting up a new free single on their website at the beginning of every week. And this week's is a personal favourite of mine's choice: Idiot Glee, who just released his first single in Hop Hop records and I reviewed here two months ago, offers us two new songs on this amazing single that follow the same patterns we've heard from him before and even taking them a step further with a cleaner production and being even more minimal that he's ever been. Happy Days is an inspired song that he sings with the only company of his trademark synths and Forever Kids is simply just an accapella song. The way he overlaps his vocals creating different layers of melodies and tones is superb and creates expectations to know how he manages to create the same effect when he performs live which you'll probably be able to see if you are lucky enough to be at the SXSW festival or live in Lexington. Download the whole single here.

Idiot Glee - Happy Day.mp3


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