Monday, 8 March 2010


Galapaghost, aka Casey Chandler with a little help from friends, is a guy from Woodstock, NY. I've never been to Woodstock and my only knowledge of this town is the mythic hippie festival that happened there long before he was actually born. Although that festival wasn't an influence for him for obvious timing reasons, there's a bit of a classic folk reminiscence within his compositions, from classic 60s and 70s folk to more modern approaches like Lou Barlow's Sentridoh. This EP formed by 6 songs is his second after Our Lost Generation, both published in the last three months and only available as a download that you can get through I-tunes or Amazon. Here you have a song to enjoy and don't forget to check both EPs if you like it.

Galapaghost - Human Unkind.mp3


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